CompliKATed is greenlit!

Thank you for your support! After sailing through the Greenlight Triangle, we are getting ready for one of the most challenging stages, CompliKATed release.

So far, we haven't been sitting with our hands on our laps and we managed to balance intense daily jobs and CompliKATed development for almost an year, so we'll stick with the announced release date: autumn 2017. Exhaustion kicks in from time to time, the all present uninvited guest. Panda eyes are quite fashionable, though.

Regarding the traditional #greenlight wisdom, that became accustomed among game devs (after your game is greenlit, you come back to the community to share what you have or have not learned), we are now more experienced, but no wiser. We haven't learned anything that might shed some light on the greenlight process, we just became familiar with it.

Instead we compiled a list of already public advices, that we followed:

  • we released on greenlight when the game's development was advanced enough to show substantial gameplay
  • during development we focused on the quality of the gameplay. We tried really hard to make a game that any of us could play and enjoy. We made levels for each other so we could have a fresh perspective on what CompliKATed feels like. We got together watching a teammate play and trolled her/him to the bone.
  • we made the cover of the game to be illustrative for the gameplay
  • we made a trailer and some gameplay footage and we limited our screenshots to gameplay. We started with 4 screenshots and added more in time
  • the trailer is alert, with short takes. The intro is minimum lenght requested: 3 secs. Mechanics are illustrated in the second movie
  • we focused to add game features that might be appealing and comfortable to gamers (controller support, localization) and we posted related announcements on steam
  • we've done #screenshotssaturday and #indiedevhour
  • we had some small twitter and facebook campaigns

We'd like to thank everyone who voted, we're grateful for all public greenlight advices, we wish all developers good luck and we want to make a promise to all gamers that we'll deliver a fun, but hard to beat game!

#workinprogress: splitter

#workinprogress: Even if it was 100% functional, the signal splitter needed to go beyond the placeholder. It was pretty challenging to make a graphically significant design.

We started with the rough sketch, focusing on the coupling functionality:

splitter sketch

The splitter has an input and three possible outputs. If it receives 1 will equally transmit 1 on all ports, if connected.

The inspiration for the draft was mainly drawn from power dividers/combiners. Apart from the intuitive design the power divider also had similar features:

  • power is flowing only in one direction
  • power is split equally between all outputs

We also needed to differentiate the input so, we ended up with this:

#workinprogress: teleporter

#workinprogress: We are working on a new tile, a teleporter and we hope it will improve the gameplay experience. Only the player is allowed to pass through, all "moveables" (Potatoes, Bytotrons, mobs) are not allowed. Although a teleporter will link only point A to B, multiple combination are possible.

The graphic for the tile is still under debate:


Until next time and promise to keep you up to date!

#workinprogress: new cover image

#workinprogress: Today we started working on the new cover image for CompliKATed. At a certain moment my screen started to look like this:

I took a little break to share and I hope we have a good laugh together.

Now, with controller support!


Controller support might be a convenience for some or a must-have for others. CompliKATed controls are simple enough (arrows, arrows+SPACE) so they can easily translated to a controller.

The game runs smoothly and precise with all tested controllers, so far we haven't encountered any glitches or delays.

Programming the controller support was one of the most rewarding aspects of the game programming. It took Liviu only a couple of hours and less than a handfull of fixes.

Buying a couple of test controllers was also a good excuse not to leave the game store empty handed :-p.

Vex Vaudlain's "6 Painful Challenges Of Indie Game Development"

When the sweet "lover of crazy little interesting facts", Vex Vaudlain starts to ask questions like:

"What are the biggest problems with indie game development today? What really sticks a pinecone under your arse about how it was, and how it's become?"

somehow you feel compelled to answer and let your tongue loose.
During the process one might get burned

You come to realise that her sharp tongue and keen eye are mere mind's instruments as you follow her decision process, written out loud:

"...the direction of the article would really depend on what kind of message needs to be put out there. I can approach it from an angle which talks about your biggest challenges to get from point A (the idea) to point B (the finished game, and it actually getting a shot at success). Which one...?..."

As you advance on the topic, together with your team mates spirits warm up and it becomes harder and harder to get a hold of your horses. Game making is a painfull process in a harsh world, but as you get caught up in the daily rush, you tend to forget (or to ignore) how it feels.

So, CompliKATed team piled up a bagfull of pinecones and Vex nailed the"6 Painful Challenges Of Indie Game Development".

Later edit: if you want to find out what other facts did the tiny elves dug up check out

Hello world!

Hello, world! We are a small software team called Lite Microsystems from Bucharest, Romania working on a puzzle game called CompliKATed. We'd like to share with you details about the game and its development, altogether with our thoughts, our ideas, our feelings.

This game started as a attic project of Liviu Marinescu, the lead developer of Lite Microsystems, who wanted to make a simple brain-breaking, but enjoyable logic game. The attic period lasted less than a month. One by one, the whole team got involved and, in between ruthless dead-lines and making a living, CompliKATed started to take shape. We've been working on the project since for 8 months.

At the moment the game is playable, all functional and decor tiles are implemented and we work on the levels. We are also caught in the Greenlight rush, the-submit-it-before-greenlight-closes-and-valve-charges-us-impossible-money. Well, not impossible for us, because we are hardworking people and we have a magical proprietary web engine, but, at least, very unpleasant.

The estimated release date is autum 2017, give or take a month and at the moment nothing seems to be in the way, so we're determined to stick with the deadline.